• September 15, 2014
  • InnovaTech

New system for the application of edge protectors in the strapping line of Innova

The R&D department at Innova has developed a new system as an accessory to our strapping systems: the Edge Protector Applicator System. The Edge Protectors help to improve the presentation and protection of the finished product during the packaging process.

The new applicator system of edge protectors is an accessory integrated in the strapping machine. It applies a cardboard protector before the strapping, which acts as protection between the box and the strap, releasing the pressure that the strap exerts to the load.

Thanks to the Edge protectors, our customers get a flawless packaging result, without imperfections or damage to the boxes.

Moreover the Edge protectors have many advantages:

  • Unifying the load in a block
  • Avoiding strap jams in between the boxes
  • Providing a flawless presentation
  • Extra security and stability for transport and logistic handling

Do not hesitate to contact our Technical team for more information about this accessory and our Strapping Systems without commitment.

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