• September 12, 2022
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Rodacal Beyem chooses Innova’s Stretch Hood for their new plant in Zaragoza

Rodacal Beyem was sure of its choice for Stretch Hood for the end of line of its renewed industrial mortar factory in Zaragoza. When choosing Innova’s Stretch Hood, automation 4.0, total protection of its product, and sustainability in packaging were the main objectives of Rodacal. The project consisted of an automatic packaging line customized to Rodacal’s requirements, installed in May 2022 as part of its factory renovation in La Muela (Zaragoza) which is already in full production.

With this new packaging project, Rodacal Beyem reaffirms its relationship with Innova as its OEM partner packaging systems supplier. In addition to this recent installation, Innova has also participated in the installation of a new factory plant in Begonte (Lugo) and in a previous installation of Stretch Hood in Zaragoza.

Rodacal Beyem is a leading Spanish manufacturer of construction materials, specializing in industrial mortars for building, masonry, and special applications.  It has its headquarters in La Roda (Albacete) and production plants and branches in Aragón, Galicia, Catalonia and Andalusia.

Objective protection with Stretch Hood

Which packaging system offers total and waterproof protection of the palletized product? The answer for Rodacal was obvious as they had already proven the advantages of the Stretch Hood on their other end of lines. With the Stretch Hood wrapping, their pallets of mortar bags are completely watertight and weatherproof compared to other solutions such as stretch wrapping. Whether in transport or storage, their loads are protected from rain, humidity, dust, etc. In addition, being totally transparent packaging, without wrinkles or folds, Stretch Hood provides a better presentation of their product at the point of sale, giving added value to the Rodacal brand.

stretch hood wrapping for pallets

How to achieve this fully waterproof protection?

We claim that the Stretch Hood system offers better protection than other packaging solutions such as shrink wrapping or shrink hooding for two reasons:

  • The hooding process: Stretch Hood applies a film hood that stretches and adapts to the contour of the load and covers it from the top to the base of the pallet. As there are no layers (like with pallet stretch wrapping) and no wrinkles or possible heat punctures (like with shrink hood), the load is completely sealed against external agents.

In the case of mortar products, humidity and rain during transport can damage the product, causing losses and delays in the logistics chain. Rodacal Beyem has therefore been opting for a solution such as Stretch Hood for years. Their goal is to deliver to their customers a totally safe and protected product with flawless packaging and presentation.

automated pallet packaing line

Rodacal Beyem Stretch Hood line

Innova’s project for the renovated factory in Zaragoza consisted of a Stretch Hood system with its respective pallet conveyor and connection to a palletizer system.

  • Pallet Conveyor Line

The conveying line installed at Rodacal consists of an infeed and connection line adapted to the flow coming from Rodacal’s palletizing system, with a centering system prior to Stretch Hood automatic wrapping.

The outfeed conveyor line has a line of five conveyors for accumulation and picking of pallets for logistic storage.

  • Stretch Hood System:

The Stretch Hood System installed has been customized according to Rodacal Beyem’s needs. The model installed was the Stretch Hood SH Pro1-S2 with two film reels to guarantee a longer autonomy of the Stretch Hood film without consumable changes or extra stops in the line.

stretch hood wrapping for pallets

In addition, the Stretch Hood model installed in Zaragoza includes a complementary Edge Rounding System, consisting of a system included in the application of the film that unifies the corners of the pallet at the time of stretch hooding.

With this accessory, a more uniform stretch hood is obtained, without protrusions produced by the bags, thus contributing to better wrapping and a perfect presentation of the Rodacal pallet.

Project results

The new Stretch Hood installation fulfills with excellence the objectives that Rodacal set for Innova Group. Not only the results of the packaging on the product had a great impact, but also the project of installation and commissioning of the machinery. In this aspect, the project carried out an adaptation and consensus with the existing line of bagging and palletizing.

With the Stretch Hood system, the Zaragoza production plant also meets its plastic reduction goal and the company’s sustainable objectives. In addition to achieving a reduction in the amount of film consumed compared to other systems, Innova’s Stretch Hood is a system developed with energy-efficient technology and high-efficiency motors for lower electricity consumption.

For its part, Rodacal Beyem has transmitted to us its more than satisfaction with the project and confidence in Innova as a partner provider of its packaging systems. For Innova, it is again a pleasure to work with a company like Rodacal with whom we share values and with whom we hope to continue working in the future.

Thank you Rodacal Beyem for choosing Innova once again!

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