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  • May 11, 2022
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Why does Stretch Hood offer the best protection for cement pallets?

The safety and security of pallets in transport and storage are more than a necessity for the construction industry, especially for materials such as cement and mortar. This industry is relying on innovative pallet packaging solutions such as Stretch Hood. With just one layer of film, the cement pallet is fully wrapped, protected, and safe for handling in the logistics process.

Stretch Hood is one of the most advanced systems in terms of protection as it wraps the load with a tubular stretch hood film that adapts and covers the 5 sides of the load, without applying a cover to wrap the top of the pallet. This makes the Stretch Hood system the most complete solution for the industrial packaging process.

Today, we will explain some of the most concrete advantages to protect cement and mortar.

Why Stretch Hood and not Shrink Hood for mortar bag protection?

Stretch Hood and Shrink Hood systems both perform similar hooding processes. The results are partially similar since both packaging systems use a tubular film that covers the palletized loads in their totality. However, the main difference relies on how the hooding process is carried out:

  • The Shrink Hood system first wraps the load with the tubular film and then heats and shrinks the film to 280°. Thus, the film adheres to the pallet, whatever its shape.
  • The Stretch Hood system performs a hooding without heat with a tubular stretch hood film that also adapts to the shape of the load. The Stretch Hood technology applies a hood that is smaller than the volume of the load and therefore when it it is completely adjusted to the shape of the pallet.

The most important difference between the two packaging systems is that the Stretch Hood system does not apply heat to shrink-wrap the hood, thus eliminating all costs related to the use of excessive energy, oven installation maintenance, and gas expenses, as well as avoiding risks such as combustion danger, product damage, punctures in the film, etc.


Comparative of wrapping systems: Stretch Hood or Shrink-Hood?

Stretch Hood advantages for palletized cement loads

In the market, several packaging systems offer protection of loads. As experts in packaging systems, we especially highlight the Stretch Hood packaging system for the following relevant features.

Total protection and waterproofing for cement

Thanks to the complete adaptability offered by the stretch hood film, the pallet is sealed and fully waterproof against humidity, rain, and other external agents. In addition, the Stretch Hood film has very specific properties that provide total water resistance. In the case of cement, it is essential to have this protection because it prevents the mortar bags from being affected by rain or humidity, whether in logistic processes or high-stay outdoor storage. In the case of wrapping with a pallet Stretch Wrapper, the rain can seep through the wrapping layers and cause them to lose their elasticity over time.

This protection is achieved thanks to the advanced technology of Stretch Hood film which is a recyclable multilayer material usually composed of:

  • One or two layers of low-density polyethylene, provide the necessary elasticity to adapt to the load.
  • Additional layers improve the film’s resistance to tearing and perforation, offering anti-tear protection to prevent humidity infiltration.
  • Additional layers with additives for UV protection, anti-condensation, and humidity, among other factors.
Waterproof protection for cement and mortar bags with stretch hood end of line packaging solutions
Stretch Hood offers the complete waterproof protection that concrete pallets require

Savings thanks to Stretch Hood energy efficiency

After the historic rise in electricity consumption, changing to an energy-efficient packaging system such as the Stretch Hood is the solution that many companies are opting for.

The Stretch Hood packging system also stands out for being sustainable, as it reduces CO2 emissions, plastic consumption, and energy used in the industrial packaging process, as well as for being more energy-efficient as it uses high-efficiency motors and components:

  • Energy-efficient inverters and engines that comply with European energy efficiency standards.
  • Tire systems have low power consumption. It is important in these systems since they use compressed air.
  • Smart technology that minimizes consumption in pause times on the automatic packaging line.

On request of the client, Innova can deactivate components that are not used for a certain period to achieve even more energy savings.

End of line packaging system for Rodacal stretch hood the best protection
Stretch Hood System in Rodacal’s mortar factory

Up to 50% reduction in film

In addition to protecting your cement load, Stretch Hood also saves on consumables compared to other systems by applying only one layer per pallet. No need for several layers of film to cover the load, as the Stretch Hood film covers the load completely, leaving it fully adhered to the pallet to offer a better fixation.

According to the studies realized by Innova’s engineering department, taking as a sample different customers, we have concluded that with Stretch Hood you can save up to 50% in the film compared to other packaging systems such as the pallet wrapping machine and it is possible to achieve the amortization of machinery in 1 or 2 years (depending on the project and packaging objectives).

Packaging systems end of line solutions

Improve the visibility of your brand image

Another advantage sought by the manufacturers in the construction sector is the quality and transparency of the automatic pallet wrapping, which enables total visibility of the brand even on the construction site. In comparison to other packaging systems, Stretch Hood has no folds or creases, offering an added value to the product that reaches the customer. Also, the transparency of the stretch hood film is highly valued because it enables the legibility of codes, allowing better traceability for transport and logistics.

Discover Innova’s Stretch Hood specialized in cement and construction

At Innova, we have developed and evolved our Stretch Hood system to respond to the specific needs of the construction materials sector, specifically mortar, cement, and similar materials.

Our Stretch Hood wrapping system can wrap up to 120 pallets/h. It has two reels of Stretch Hood film to adjust to various sizes and heights of cement pallets. This packaging system calculates the size of the pallet automatically to apply the corresponding film for a compact finish. It is also possible to customize the hooding to reach the base of the pallet, because in the case of constant rainfall, the moisture could get into the cement bags.

Stretch Hood system for Grupo Puma for cement and mortar bags
Innova’s Stretch Hood packaging line at Grupo Puma

In addition, our Stretch Hood is equipped with a series of accessories for a complete wrapping, such as adaptation to different formats of conveyor lines with rollers, a high productivity kit (quick welding and buffer), an automated uncoiler, and corner rounding systems.

In short, the Stretch Hood system is one of the most complete technologies for protecting cement bags. In addition, its film savings and energy efficiency make the Stretch Hood system the favorite of many companies. Do not hesitate to contact us for any technical questions or information about Stretch Hood and other end-of-line packaging systems, we will be pleased to assist you.

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