• September 16, 2020
  • InnovaTech

Automatic Hydraulic FIBC Press: Safety and Compaction for the chemical load

In the Chemical Industry, one of the keys to successful logistics is a packaging system that provides the highest level of safety, security and stability during transport. For solid loads in FIBC or bags, it is necessary to rely on packaging solutions that achieve the best palletisation, compacting, stability of the load and watertight protection of the final product. In this context, we are introducing today our new Hydraulic Press for FBIC bags: a highly specialised system for compacting chemical loads in FIBC bulk bags or bags on pallet which responds to the latest requirements of the sector.

How does the FBIC press work?

The Hydraulic Press Etherna PR |Pro is a vertical pressing system used to compact the load of FIBC or bulk bags on the pallet. Its main purpose is to reduce the volume of the bagged material, and provide more safety and stability for transport.

Its operation is simple and sustainable as it uses only hydraulic energy. Once the pallet has been positioned and centred, the press head moves vertically by means of hydraulic pistons, applying a pressure of up to 1,000 kg on the top side of the load.

Discover how the Innova hydraulic press works in action:

Advantages of using an automatic press for Bulk bags

In addition to the safety and compaction advantages for transport, the use of this Press system offers decisive benefits for the Chemical company:

  • Savings in packaging. The press reduces the volume of the load considerably, so that less consumables are needed in the final packaging (either by wrapping or Stretch Hood).
  • Savings on transport. It also means savings in transport, specifically in international shipments, as the dimensions of the bulks to be exported are considerably reduced.
  • Optimum storage: When the pressing is carried out, a greater base is obtained for stacking bulk bags, contributing to improved storage and handling of these.
  • Energy saving: The press uses hydraulic energy through pistons, therefore providing also energy savings.
  • Integration in the end of the line: This press system is fully automated, without any manual intervention, and is fully connected to the customer’s end of the line, linked to their PLC and management systems. Our press system also incorporates its own conveying system with roller conveyors that are connected and adapted to the existing line in the factory.

The new hydraulic press Etherna PR | Pro by Innova

Our new hydraulic press has been designed with the most advanced and efficient technology and a robust structure to offer maximum safety in the pressing process.

Among its technical features, we highlight:

  • Pressing of FBIC, bulk bags and small bags on the pallet by using 2 hydraulic cylinders.
  • Pressing cycle of 1 minute/pallet, depending on product and pallet format.
  • Photocells to detect the size of the load in order to press different pallet formats and adjust the pressure automatically.
  • Robust structure and chassis reinforcement for greater stability during pressing.
  • Includes reinforced roller conveyor for pressing heavy loads.
  • Includes a pallet self-centring system to ensure greater compaction and pressing efficiency.

In short, the new Hydraylic Press is an advanced and automatic system that has already become a requirement for many chemical companies with FBIC bag formats. In fact, several customers in the chemical sector already rely on this hydraulic pressing system developed and manufactured by Innova Group.

For more information on this and other specialised packaging systems in the chemical sector, please consult our technical team without any commitment.



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