• January 25, 2024
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Rodacal Beyem Completes Modernization of its End-of-Line with Stretch Hood by Innova

How to protect the load of mortar bags? How to achieve impermeability and total product protection while saving consumables? Rodacal Beyem found the perfect solution in the Stretch Hood packaging system as a solution to renew the end-of-line in their main factory in La Roda (Albacete). With this newly installed Stretch Hood system, commissioned and started up in December 2023, Rodacal Beyem reaffirms its trust in Innova Group as the supplier for all its packaging lines.

Rodacal Beyem is a leading manufacturer of construction materials in Spain, specializing in industrial mortars for building, masonry, and special applications. With Innova’s Stretch Hood technology, the company has completed all its packaging lines at the central La Roda factory, and other similar lines at its production facilities in Lugo and Zaragoza.

Project Objectives: Renovation of packaging systems

One of Rodacal Beyem’s main objectives for this project was to renew and update the pallet packaging system at its main factory. They were using shrink hood technology, which is increasingly being replaced by the Stretch Hood pallet wrapping system. Stretch Hood and shrink-hood are two packaging solutions that protect the load by applying a film hood. However, the shrink-hood system is losing its popularity due to the disadvantages of heat shrinking technology. In contrast, Stretch Hood uses a film that stretches and adapts entirely to the contours, making it a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable, and safer system. Therefore, it is evident that Stretch Hood is a superior packaging solution for cement and mortar products.

Rodacal Beyem wanted to renew its packaging solution while also standardizing processes, systems, and consumables across all its end-of-line processes. As its other plants already use Stretch Hood, the company aimed to achieve the same standardization in this plant too. In addition, the company sought to improve the protection of their loads and enhance the final presentation of their mortar bags up to the point of sale and, ultimately, in construction projects.

Why making the change from Stretch Hood to Shrink Hood?

Although the two wrapping systems may seem similar, more companies, like Rodacal, are switching to the Stretch Hood system, which is more efficient and technologically advanced. The main advantage and difference of the Stretch Hood system is that it doesn’t require the application of heat to cover the load. This means that there is no need for thermal retraction installations, which are usually done through a gas oven and require the use of consumables. As a result, the Stretch Hood system not only provides energy savings but also allows for a reduction in plastic and other consumables.

The Stretch Hood film, which is thinner than shrink hood film, is a more efficient and sustainable way of protecting the load. It requires less quantity of film and consumes less electricity, thanks to the high-efficiency motors used in the Innova Group’s system. This makes the Stretch Hood system an eco-friendly option for packaging and protecting products.

The packaging line project at Rodacal’s plant

The new packaging line in their main production facilities at La Roda (Albacete) consisted of an installation composed of a conveying systems and Stretch Hood wrapping system:

  • Stretch Hood Pro S2 System: The Stretch Hood system installed at Rodacal is capable of adjusting to different load formats, thanks to the uncoiler accessory for two film reels. By incorporating hooding technology with a specialized Stretch Hood film, the system offers complete coverage for mortar bags, from bottom to top, providing enhanced tightness for storage and transportation.

  • Conveying line: The project includes a pallet entry line connected to the palletizing line and adapted to Rodacal’s loading vehicles, as well as a pallet centering system before Stretch Hood wrapping. The outfeed conveyor line from the stretch hooding consists of a pallet turning system and an accumulation and collection conveyor line for already wrapped loads.
Automatic Stretch Hood wrapping

Innova Group and Rodacal Beyem: A technological alliance for excellence in packaging

The modernization of Rodacal Beyem’s end-of-line in La Roda has resulted in significant benefits such as improved productivity, faster packaging, and optimized logistics. The decision to adopt this technology was not solely based on the need for better product protection and presentation, but also on the energy efficiency and sustainability of the Stretch Hood system compared to heat-shrink and other systems. In fact, this sustainability objective aligns with Rodacal Beyem’s focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

With this project, the technological alliance between Innova Group and Rodacal Beyem is once again consolidated, marking a milestone in efficiency, sustainability, and quality in the packaging of building materials. This project not only reflects the innovative vision of both companies but also their joint commitment to excellence at every step of the production and end-of-line logistics chain.

End-of-line packaing lines

Rodacal Beyem, through its Sales Director Rubén Toboso, has conveyed more than satisfaction with the project: “The choice of Innova’s Stretch Hood system reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability in all our factories. We trust Innova as our packaging partner, and this modernization aims not only to improve the protection of our products but also to embrace new technologies for a more efficient industry.”

By Innova’s side, through its General Manager Sergio Llidó: “We are proud of this new project with Rodacal Beyem supplying them with our packaging systems across all of their factories. This collaboration highlights mutual trust in the quality and efficiency of our packaging solutions. Moving forward, we remain committed to maintaining a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and excellence in all our future projects with Rodacal Beyem.”

Thank you, Rodacal Beyem, for your continued trust in Innova!

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