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Objective pallet securing: Strapping accessories and complements

One of the main objectives sought in an automatic final packaging project is maximum load securing. In a context of high logistical demands, the need for cargo protection in international shipments and flawless delivery for the last mile is a priority. Therefore, automatic pallet packaging systems such as automatic pallet strappers, pallet stretch wrapping, and their accessories provide pallet security and minimize losses and damages during transport.

In today’s article, we will analyze the advantages of using strapping and securing systems together with their pallet securing accessories to guarantee maximum stability and support in transportation.

Automatic Oden tecgnology industrial horizontal strapping
Automatic Horizontal Strapping System with 4 side compaction

Systems for Load Securing on Pallets

Strapping systems are undoubtedly the best-known solution for securing palletized goods, as they offer compacting and securing to their base. But also the stretch wrapper system is used in many industries and products with a special need for a more product-friendly restraint. Let’s take a look at the most common pallet securing systems in a packaging line:

  • Horizontal strapping system: The automatic horizontal strapping provides lateral securing and compacting of the load on all four sides. It serves to unify the load in a block, so that there are no protrusions or packages that can slide during transport, in addition to offering greater stability.
  • Vertical strapping system: On the other hand, automatic vertical strapping of pallets helps to secure the load to its base, that is, to the pallet. The vertical tension of the strap ensures that the load is secured in boxes, both during transport and when removing the packaging at the point of sale.
  • Automatic stretch wrapping system: The automatic stretch wrapper offers both support and protection from the side. Depending on the wrapping cycle, the load can be reinforced to its base, just as vertical strapping does. With the application of the reinforcement roping system and the wrapper’s tension, compaction and stability are achieved.

Accessories for Optimal Strapping

To obtain a perfect and safer strapping finish, automatic strapping systems such as Innova’s, usually offer a series of extra accessories.

Edge protector applicator system:

Edge protectors are one of the most requested accessories to safeguard the integrity of the boxes and packages to be strapped. The edge protector (usually made of reinforced cardboard, due to its recyclability and versatility) protects the edges and corners of the load from the strapping application while providing uniformity to the load. It also provides a safer strapping process, preventing the strap from slipping between boxes. At Innova, we offer this accessory for both horizontal strapping systems (where vertical protectors are applied) and vertical strapping (where horizontal protectors are used).

The automatic edge protector applicator is also used as an accessory with other securing systems such as the stretch wrapper, a solution that Innova offers and few other manufacturers in the world.

Edge Protector Automatic Wrapping System Ceramic Box Pallets
Edge Protector Applicator System integrated in the Stretch Wrapper by Innova

Horizontal compaction system:

With the compactor system as an accessory to the horizontal strapping, it is ensured that the load is unified as a block before the application of the strap. This ensures that there are no protruding boxes, sharp edges, or uneven shapes that could cause strapping problems.

Four-sided vertical strapping accessory:

While horizontal strapping always offers 4-sided support, vertical strapping systems are usually only applied on two sides. With a four-sided strapping accessory, either with a double strapping arch or with a 90° rotating system, strapping is achieved on all sides, offering greater support and stability in transport.

This 4-sided strapping accessory is in great demand for products with heavy boxes, as in the case of ceramics, which require maximum support on all sides of the goods.

Automatic pallet strapping system for industrial packaging
Innova’s Automatic Vertical Strapping System with a 90º turntable conveyor for the 4-side strapping

Other complementary securing systems

In addition to the main securing systems (strapping and wrapping), a packaging project may require other complements to ensure greater stability and protection of the palletized load. In this case, we are going to analyze other systems that help in securing and compacting that are complementary to strapping or wrapping.

Automatic Sealing System

An Automatic Sealing System can be used to secure the boxes on the packaging line, which is complementary to strapping (either vertical or horizontal).

The sealing is not a substitute for strapping but it is used as a reinforcement of heavy-weight boxes (as in ceramics), to avoid possible falls of the product in handling and transport before reaching the packaging line or even in the packaging process itself. It also provides unity between the boxes when removing the strap at the point of sale.

Automatic Pallet Sealing System Securing Boxes Strapping Innova Maquinaria
Innova’s Automatic Pallet Sealing System in a Stretch hood Packaging Line

Pressing System for bags and FIBC

The Hydraulic Press System can be used to complement the compaction of bags, bulk bags, or FIBC format loads. The purpose of this system, which is used before wrapping or stretch hooding pallets, is to reduce the volume of the bagged material to obtain greater support and stability during transport.

The fully pressed load also results in a smaller volume to be packed, leading to savings in packaging costs.

Automatic Hydraulic Press SystemFIBC Bulk bag Big Bag Pallet
Innova’s Automatic Bulk Bag Hydraulic Press

Thus, as we have seen in a packaging line, all the necessary systems can coexist to achieve the maximum holding objective. It is therefore important to know the characteristics and functions of the securing systems and their complements to obtain the best protection for your product.

At Innova our Technical Team studies each project, according to the product characteristics and objectives, to find the best combination of systems for the perfect packaging. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, we will be happy to advise you and test in our Innova Lab packaging test area the solution that best suits your loads.

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