• December 29, 2022
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Top 2022 Packaging Articles: Automation, Sustainability, and Greater Load Safety Topics

We’re at the end of 2022 and it’s time to wrap up the year by looking at the most-read articles in our Blog. This 2022 posed global and economical challenges to the market which affected the industrial packaging and logistics industry. Our readers know their interests really well, as in the top 10 we find mostly technical subjects to answer to these challenges. Some of the most popular topics were packaging systems comparatives, wrapping film specifications, automation procedures, and load securement best practices.

Today, as the year draws to a close, we take a look back at the trendiest topics of 2022, according to the top 10 most-read articles on Innova’s packaging and logistics blog:

Technical Comparatives

In the top positions, we ranked 3 technical comparisons of packaging systems that sparked the interest of our readers. At Innova, we have compared the most known wrapping and securing systems against each other, in order to help our customers to choose the systems that fit best their packaging needs. Such comparatives go over which systems are better depending on the industry, load format, project objectives, factory production, etc. We’ve also included consumables usage comparatives, along with productivity and speed.

The Stretch Hood System and its Advantages

The next topic of interest was undoubtedly the Stretch Hood system and its advantages. Being a innovative and ground-breaking packaging system, we have received many visitors interested in learning about the technical specifications. The two most read subjects were the technical specifications of the Stretch Hood film and its benefits, as well as its protection and waterproofing properties.

End-of-line automation benefits

The advantages of automating the end-of-line were another hot topic most visited in our blog. In this article we clarified when is necessary to automate and the steps to do so, along other advantages like removing unnecessary risks and problems caused by manual packaging processes.

This article is one of the essential ones to fully understand how to take an automation project and the aspects that must be taken into account by both the customer and the system manufacturers.

Sustainable logistics: Packaging systems for a Green Industry

Caring for our planet is not only a matter of awareness and attitude but also the agenda for many manufacturing companies, which are increasingly taking responsibility for the environment. When it comes to transport and logistics, an automated packaging system can make a huge contribution just by using efficient and sustainable technologies. In this context, our article on why Stretch Hood is the most sustainable pallet packaging system was also one of our top 2022 reads.

Load Stability: wrapping and accessories for a secure cargo

In the next most read posts we find articles related to cargo security, protection and stability. To meet the logistical challenges of recent years, with faster and more distant deliveries, many companies with automated packaging systems are looking for even more protection for their loads.

From Innova we have noticed, not only from the blog readings but also from the requests for information that we receive, an increase in security requirements and greater protection of loads. Aspects such as the compaction of the goods (either in bags or boxes), the protection of the load within the same packaging process (for example with edge protectors) or the security of special products and large formats.

The most read articles this year on this specific topic have been:

Technical wrapping  films comparative

Last but not least, we find a technical article comparing the different types of packaging film: Which type of film provides the best support and stability to the load? Which film and system offers the greatest savings in consumables? How to protect the load using as little plastic as possible?

As we have seen, there is a great deal of interest in the specifications of packaging films.

In short, our readers are interested in very current topics such as sustainability, automation and industry 4.0, as well as how to get the most out of their packaging systems and consumables. Innova’s blog allows them to be up-to-date on all these topics and much more.

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